Making Strides

Hello, all!

Who knew October could be so busy?

All in all, things have been going great here in our neck of the woods. FreshPoint is doing well and has some great opportunities, the church is growing, and Lucie and I have received some excellent opportunities to speak into the lives of many students from all over the country.

First off, I have to say that FreshPoint is in such a healthy position. We have recently gone through some leadership changes, but they were definitely God-ordained; I believe that this has lent to the smoothness that we experienced during this time of transition. We are in a phase of building our leadership core to accommodate more students, and we are working with our student-serving team to give FreshPoint an unbeatable atmosphere where students can seek God wth all of their heart.

This concept was brought to life just this past Thursday when we met. We started off with some mingling, snacking, and chatting; then we played a game to kind of break the ice. When we got to the Word, though, it was just so powerful and impactful to talk about the greatness, magnificence, and sheer splendor, with which God loves us. If no one else was, I know that at least I was greatly touched, both when preparing the message and while presenting.

Then we had a time of prayer where the students went after God with everything they have like I have only seen at conferences. People were praying together, encouraging each other, worshipping with all of their hearts – and we didn’t even have a band playing! God’s presence was remarkably tangible.

And each week it gets better. We have honestly seen a growth in our student’s passion for God and their involvement with bringing His message of love and hope to their day-to-day lives.

The church here is doing excellent as well. We are kicking off some new small groups this week, of wich one will be specifically aimed at reaching the community of foreigners that are living in our city. This group is especially exciting for me, as my dream since moving here has been to start an evening service that will be in English.

As a foreigner myself, I am quite familiar with the intimate details of living in a country where the culture, language, and habits of the people are all strange and particularly difficult to learn. Our goal with this group is to reach those that already believe and give them at the least a temporary home where they can freely worship God, as well as to reach out to those that have no community. Jesus was all about bringing those that were considered by the rest of society to be outcasts to the table and doing life with them – showing them that they matter to Him. We want to mirror our Lord’s actions with this endeavor. Please join us in praying for these people and this group!

Finally, as October draws to a close, so draws near the annual, national youth conference, Sjezd. Lucie and I have been working tirelessly with the core team to bring fresh ideas, new methods, and engaging messages that will impact this generation. From deciding on seemingly-insignificant details to putting together activities meant to lead the students into a deeper realization of who Jesus is, we have done our best to make this a great program.

You can join us by praying that not only this Conference is a hit, but also by praying that we minister as Jesus would minister and that we speak as Jesus would speak. Sjezd an incredible moment where we will come in contact with students from all over the country, and we will have the opportunity to talk to students both individually and in group settings. Our prayer is that we may walk in humility and honesty as we use our influence to help make way for Jesus to walk into their lives.

That’s what we’ve been up to! God is doing mighty things, and we are incredibly busy, but we are so excited that we can be a part of what the Lord is doing in the Czech Republic! Please do not forget to pray for us as we move forward, and please pray that the Lord uses us to bring his Kingdom to Earth. May His will be done!

Much love to all of you! May our Father bless you out of His abundant love.

P.S. – Don’t hesitate to drop a line! We’d love to hear from you!