About FreshPoint


FreshPoint was born from an under-developed youth group on October 31st, 2012, with roughly 5 students. What seemed like a small beginning was just a start to what God has planned for the city of Liberec in the Czech Republic.

FreshPoint started when Justin Holden came to the Czech on a three-month visa. There wasn’t any structure or group that met regularly for the church’s youth to attend. The senior pastor and his wife had meetings, but it was too much for them to bear and they were praying for a youth pastor.

Justin came to the Czech Republic in 2013 after having studied in Master’s Commission (now HT School of Ministry) and serving at Harvest Time in Fort Smith, Arkansas. With the experience he gained there, he began to create a structure and a group that the students could call their own. FreshPoint was focused on students from about 15 – 25 who were searching for a restart in their faith, or in their life.

FreshPoint was able to take off at this point. The group began to grow and to coordinate with outreach organizations such as Exit Tour and No Longer Music. Through that growth, the ministry has been able to help out with national youth conferences and festivals such as Sjezd AC, Kristfest, and Kristfest Young.

How FreshPoint Operates

FreshPoint is led by Justin Holden and Lucie Pešková and their core team of leaders. Helping them is a lager group of students who want to be more than passive receivers and want to do more for the Kingdom of God with the talents they have received, or to cultivate their talents.

Not every night looks the same! Every night, though, includes community time. This is because we believe the the Kingdom of God is built on relationships and that the Body of Christ needs relationship to keep itself healthy and well-functioning.

Afterwards, we move to a time of focused ministry. This ministry may have many faces, but the main idea is to give the students a place where they can receive something from God, and where they can give something. It could be a night of prayer and worship, a relevant, challenging and yet encouraging message, presented by one of the leaders or a guest speaker, or some active ministry, where the students go out into the city with a certain purpose.


The goal of any ministry, of course, is to grow. In FreshPoint, we want to reach as many students in our city as possible, but we also want to reach people in other cities. FreshPoint has a missions heart, and we are looking to cultivate more groups similar to ours throughout Europe.

We are looking to mobilize our students to form groups within their schools and universities. Jesus was God who walked among men, and with that example, we want to go into these institutions and bring the truth and healing power of Christ.

FreshPoint is meant to be so much more than a place where people just come to be spiritually fed. FreshPoint is meant to be a place where people not only experience a renewal in their spiritual walk, but also where they can find the path that God has marked out for them. We desire to help students to find and reach their potential, and to move forward with Christ to bring his Good News to their world.