About Justin

Three years ago, in a small local church in the Czech Republic, Justin Holden found the place God called him to and began to work as the youth pastor. Since then, many great things have happened and continue to happen as this awesome work continues.

When Justin first came to this youth group, there were only a handful of people coming and most of them were not attending regularly. Now, there are 30+ students attending weekly – in the Czech Republic, this is quite a large group of Christians! Justin has worked hard to change how the students think about their youth group. Instead of approaching it as a weekly activity, he wanted them to help each other grow in their walk with Christ. The name of this ministry is called FreshPoint.

Being a missionary in a foreign country is not easy, and maybe the most difficult thing is getting to know the culture and the language. This is paramount in order to get closer to the people you work with as well as the unbelievers you want to serve. However, Czech is one of the most complicated languages in the world. Justin has been studying hard and asking God for help, and even the students had prayed with him about this issue. After just one year of being in the country, he was able to lead the youth meeting in Czech and now preaches in Czech for the Sunday services. God has been equipping Justin to serve in the Czech Republic so that he can best relate to the people.

Justin has also helped coordinate the first ever WE Connect (at the time WME) Conference to be held in Europe, as well as multiple outreach events in the city; from things such as constructing a Christmas display in the mall, to concerts designed to reach unbelievers, “after parties,” Summer camps, and ministry to the poor and homeless of the city, as well as many other outreach events.

There is such potential for ministry in the Czech Republic, and God has laid some big dreams on Justin’s heart. Only God knows what He has planned for this staunchly atheistic country, and He will continue the work He has begun to the glory of the Father.

Thanks for taking a moment to read this introduction. If you have any questions, or would like to be a part of the ministry that is going on through FreshPoint, you can contact Justin personally at justin.holden@me.com, and you can also give financially.