I win

My dad tells me that when I was a child, I used to go up to him and ask all sorts of questions. He says that sometimes he would be talking to one of his friends, and I would interrupt him to ask him only the types of questions that children ask. He would patiently answer me, and then I would go on my way. He tells me that one time, one of his friends asked why my dad would pause the conversation with another adult to answer the random and petty questions that a child has. To my dad, it was more important to teach his child that he always wins first place.

I thought it was kind of a funny story at the time. If anyone knows me now, they know that I must have been an interesting child to raise, to say the least. My curiosity was near insatiable, and I was always asking questions about the world around me, and why it was like that. I wanted to know everything. My dad had the patience of a saint, answering every one of my millions of questions to the best of his ability, or pointing me to a reference book when he didn’t know the answer himself…

This is something that has always fascinated me about children and their parents. Children ask some of the weirdest questions, and interrupt some of the most important conversations. Children seem to operate in their own little world, where the rules are different and they seem to think that everything belongs to them.  There is such a boldness and a “self-aware-ness” in kids.  They know who they are. Wouldn’t it be amazing if people all over the world could harness that same confidence, yet have it coupled with child-like kindness?

To me, this is an incredible example of the relationship God wants to have with us. Kids that are raised by loving families are incredibly bold.  They have an unshakeable identity, and are fulfilled.

When I think about my relationship with my Father God, I am so glad that He loves me enough to let me be a child…

  • I don’t always understand what is going on, so sometimes I need to just cling tightly to Him and just be soothed.
  • Sometimes, I get so happy and excited about the little things in life. It may be something so small and insignificant, but He is glad to share in my joy.
  • Sometimes, I do something that hurts myself. Instead of making me feel bad, He takes me and tells me that it’s going to be alright, and that I shouldn’t do that again.

In everything, no matter how important or insignificant, He shows me that, in His eyes, I have His absolute, undivided attention.  He shows me that I win first place.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I love this. Thanks for sharing, brother. What a wonderful reminder of what we mean to our Father. :) Definitely needed.

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